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Jason Momoa surprised fans with a tattoo on his head

The 43-year-old actor continues to change his appearance in order to fight for the purity of our planet.

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Jason Momoa never runs out of ways to surprise his fans with external metamorphoses lately. Last week, he cut his famous curls on his sides, which made him look even more like a native of Hawaii. Now it's his turn to place tattoos, which are very important to islanders. In social networks, the actor showed how he gets a tribal tattoo on the left side of his head. This is an ancient type of images on the human body, symbolizing his inner state, aspirations or life milestones.

Джейсону Момоа наносят татуировку, сентябрь 2022.

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Джейсон Момоа избавляется от волос, сентябрь 2022.

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Earlier, while cutting his braids and then shaving his head, he stated that he was also getting rid of some of his hair in order to clean up the planet. "Doing it because of single-use plastic," the actor noted. "I'm tired of using plastic bottles, we have to stop the proliferation of plastic forks and all this garbage that goes into our land and into our oceans.".