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"I did something crazy!": singer Grimes revealed plustic surgery

The artist did not disclose the nature of the surgery, but fans are sure - it is the ears of an elf, which she has long dreamed of.

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Canadian singer Grimes and former friend of Ilon Musk said on Twitter that she did "something crazy". She left such a comment under a photo in which she posed with a bandaged head and in hospital clothes. Other details of the incident, the mother of two children of the head of Tesla and SpaceX preferred not to disclose. However, her fans immediately drew the conclusion that, most likely, the 34-year-old artist dared to undergo plastic surgery to change the shape of the auricles.

Граймс после пластики, сентябрь 2022; фантазийный портрет Граймс с эльфийскими ушами.

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Over the summer, she told social media that she had long dreamed of having "elf ears," the shells with pointed upper edges that are an inherent feature of mythical creatures popular in popular culture. Grimes then asked for the experiences of those who had undergone such plastic surgery. There were practically none in her audience, but Elon Musk was not lazy to enter the discussion and dissuade her ex-lover from the radical measure. "There are more minuses than pluses," he commented in the light of the fact that Grimes is engaged in music and the intervention in the hearing aid is fraught with unpleasant consequences for her, which can affect the professional activities. The singer joked about it, saying that she was born in the wrong time, and that science has not yet reached a level where such operations can be performed without consequences for health.

Whether or not Grimes got herself elf ears, it seems, her audience will know soon, when she'll go through a rehabilitation period and tell the social networking site what was so "crazy" she did to herself.