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Singer Shakira for the first time commented on the breakup with Gerard Piqu

The celebrities' relationship fell apart after the footballer's adultery was discovered.

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Shakira and Gerard Piquet lived together for twelve years, raised two children and seemed to the world a strong and happy family.

But the revealed cheating soccer players forced the singer to go to a breakdown of the relationship, which already threatens to grow into a noisy lawsuit over the situation of child custody.

While fans were discussing another star divorce, Pike was quietly showing up in the light with his new mistress. Shakira kept silent for a while. But still she decided to speak out, too.

"I kept silent and you know, as a woman, tried to get over it all. It's hard for me to feel and talk about it, especially since our breakup happened in front of the whole world. It is even harder for our children, who also see and hear all this.

The paparazzi are watching our family around the clock, and we can't even walk through the park without being photographed from behind every bush. But we will get through this, my kids will get through this because they have a real mom. That's all I can say," the singer explained.

Many were surprised to note that in her comment, Shakira did not allow herself a single bad word about her cheating husband. But this, too, apparently, is a way to protect the psyche of her heirs.