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Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed work on II "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Now the 78-year-old filmmaker is trying to update an almost 20-year-old franchise to make it interesting for the younger generation of viewers.

Источник фото: Walt Disney Pictures.

In an interview with The Sunday Times Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that he is trying to rebuild the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie series around a new main character. The ideal candidate for the role, according to the 78-year-old producer, should be Margot Robbie. "We're working on two "Pirates" scripts right now. One - with her participation, the other - without her "- he noted.

Let me remind you, in all five films about the adventures of resilient bandits as the main character appeared Captain Jack Sparrow. And he was successfully played by Johnny Depp. But after the release in 2017 of the fifth, and the last film to date, Walt Disney Pictures decided not to work with Depp anymore because of leaks to the press of domestic violence on his part.