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Secrets of "Squid Game" second season: actors, premiere date and etc.

Fans of the South Korean project are eager to know when their favorite TV show will return to the screen. In this review, we'll get first-hand details about the continuation of the exciting "game" story.

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After the South Korean series launched on Netflix in September 2021, it became the most-watched project on the streaming platform. It also received wide support of the critics, winning three Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Critics' Choice Awards in 2022. Oh Young-soo, who played the role of the not-so-nice older man Oh Il-nam, was awarded a Golden Globe for his supporting role.

The first season of the survival drama follows 465 strangers who have something in common - they are in dire need of money. After they are hired and brought to a lost island, it becomes clear - they must all participate in a series of children's games with a chance to win $38 million. But what's the catch? The losers don't just get eliminated, they get killed on the spot.

During a press conference in September 2021, show creator Hwang Dong-hyeok said that "Squid Game" was the most physically aggressive game in his childhood years and his favorite. "Overall, it is the most symbolic game that resonates with today's competitive society, so I chose it for the title of the show," said the director.

Сериал "Игра в кальмара", 2022.

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Despite the fact that most of the characters were brutally murdered in the first part of the series, fans have not given up hope that their favorite actors will return in the upcoming season. Jeon Ho-yeon (Kang Se-byeok) commented in a March interview with Vanity Fair on fans' theory that her character may have survived. "I don't think she could come back," the actress and model stated. "And also, guys, I'm sorry to admit it, but I was very happy to be 'dead. Ho-young also disagreed with the speculation that her character's younger brother could have participated in season two. "My brother shouldn't go there to play... Definitely no reason to."

Lee Jong-jae's character Song Ki-hoon was the only one to survive the end of the unpredictable competition. At the U.S. Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2022, Jon-jae told Entertainment Weekly about the theory that his "murdered" co-stars will return in the new season. "My idea is that people in masks took them and did everything they could to bring them back to life," the actor noted, referring to the anonmouses, who run the games.

Has a second season been confirmed?

Yes. In an interview with Variety in January, Netflix executive Ted Sarandos announced that "the 'Squid Game' universe has just opened," adding, "We're hard at work building muscle with our client products, just as we're preparing new 'Squid Game'suits, and then focus on mobility."

Сериал "Игра в кальмара", 2021.

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When will the second season premiere?

In a May interview with Vanity Fair, Dong-hyeok urged fans not to wait until late 2023 or even early 2024 for the release of the next installment of the thrilling action. The South Korean admitted that so far he has only three pages of more or less valuable ideas on the project.

Will any of the cast of the first season return to the screen?

"No, because most of them are dead," Dong-hyeok joked in response to a question from Deadline about the possible return of previously-shot actors in the new season. He added, however, that Kang Se-byeok may have a twin sister who will probably appear in season two. In November 2021, the series creator confirmed that Son Ki Hoon, who survived the first season, will definitely appear in the second installment. "I promise you this: Ki Hoon will come back, he will do something for the world," he told the Associated Press.

What will the plot of season two be about?

Some fans believe the new episodes will follow Gi Hoon as he tries to hold the host and other organizers accountable. "There will be more great games, and that's all I can say. I'm still pondering and gathering ideas for season two. I haven't even started writing yet," Dong-hyeok admitted in a March interview with Deadline. Also in May, he clarified for Vanity Fair what to expect from the next "competition." "The games will be humanity test again," he explained. "However, the way interactions can be played out may be different. If they are able to talk to each other, cooperate with each other, I would agree that there could be more winners. I want to ask the question on my TV show, 'Is real solidarity between people possible?

Сериал "Игра в кальмара", 2021.

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