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The Grey Man movie: plot, cast, and everything that's known by this day

The new spy thriller from the Russo brothers will premiere on Netflix as early as July.

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Anthony and Joe Russo are preparing to release a new movie, The Gray Man, based on the novel of the same name by Mark Greaney. For Netflix, this project comes with a big risk - its budget was a record $200 million. An impressive amount even for the recognized major studios, not to mention the streaming service, largely geared for the screening of films, not for their production. However, Netflix management is optimistic about the future and believes that "Gray Man" will justify itself. Moreover, all the prerequisites for this are in place.

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Greaney's book is the first of eleven in the Grey Man series. So potentially the project could eventually become a franchise, with plenty of plot basis. Most interestingly, Greeney is also known for his long collaboration with the author of the Agent Jack Ryan series, Tom Clancy, who after his death even undertook to write a sequel to the saga. "The Gray Man," though, is his wholly original work about former CIA man Kurt Gentry, who goes to Europe on a special mission. Therefore, the film may well "go" to the fans of the series "Jack Ryan".

A few months before the premiere, we will learn all the details about the "Gray Man", which appeared in the public domain. How closely does the movie's plot depart from the books? Who played the lead role of Kurt Gentry, and who else will appear on screen? When roughly will you be able to see the picture upon release?

What is the plot of "Grey Man" about?

As mentioned, the book series is built around the main "gray man," former CIA agent Kurt Gentry. In the first novel, he travels to Europe to find his mentor Donald Fitzroy and his family. They are being held hostage by people "in positions of authority" to destroy Gentry. And this is only the plot of the first book. There are eleven books in all, mind you.

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The official synopsis for the picture from Netflix reads, "Based on the book series 'Grey Man' by Mark Greaney, the plot unfolds when the CIA's most experienced mercenary (Ryan Gosling), whose real identity no one knows, accidentally learns the agency's 'dirty' secrets, and a former psychopathic colleague puts a bounty on his head and sends international assassins to hunt for him."

It looks like the Russo brothers will go the way of the Marvel and DC movie series with "Grey Man," creating a world of spy thrillers for Netflix. The first picture in the series will define the main characters and the principles by which they will operate. The sequels and spin-offs, based on a set system, will add layers to the story of Kurt Gentry each time. So in the first film, Russo doesn't plan to answer all the questions that arise and wants to leave the themes that have begun to be addressed in the future.

The lead actor, Ryan Gosling, is reportedly so "attached" to the project that he wouldn't mind if it became a franchise. But it won't be clear until after "Grey Man" is released, whether it can break the multimillion-dollar budget and whether it would make sense to shoot its sequel.

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Who starred in The Gray Man?

Besides Gosling, who played Gentry, or the man codenamed Sierra Six, Chris Evans will appear in the picture. This time the famous Captain America was destined to play the negative role of the very fellow psychopath - Lloyd Hansen. How organic he looks in the character, you can assess from the first published trailer of the film. In contrast, Billy Bob Thornton, known to audiences for his roles as bad guys, in "Grey Man" shows up as a seemingly positive former handler and mentor of Kurt - Donald Fitzroy, who hires him to do the job. In the process, Gentry acquires a partner in Agent Dani Miranda, played by Ana de Armas. Rege-Jean Page portrays a character named Carmichael.

And if the situation with the participation of these actors in the picture is more or less clear, there are those in the project, whose screen fate remains a mystery. They are Jessica Henwick, Wagner Maura, Dhanush, Elfrey Woodard, Julia Butters, Aimée Ikwuakor, Deobia Oparei, Scott Hayes and Michael Gandolfini. There will probably be more information on them closer to the release date.

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When will "Grey Man" premiere?

Interestingly, despite being produced by Netflix, the picture will be released in selected U.S. cinemas a week before its premiere on the streaming service, namely on July 15. And it will appear in the Netflix catalog a week later. Expectations for "Grey Man" are high and we'll have to wait a little longer to see if the raised hype justifies itself.