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Milton Gonsalves, the director of Slave of Isaura, has died

It was the first foreign TV series that started the era of South American "soap operas" in our country.

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In the late eighties - early nineties of the last century, the Brazilian TV series "Escrava Isaura" was watched without exaggeration by the whole country.

And it was not even about worrying about the main character, but the fact that our viewers have not seen movies in a similar "endless" format.

Older Russians will still remember scenes from this project today, as will its main characters. And few will remember the name of the one who shot this South American masterpiece.

The film about Isaura was directed by Milton Gonsalves, a true star of South American cinema and the author of over a hundred projects.

Two years ago, he suffered a stroke from which he never really recovered. And the day before Milton Gonsalves, who once gave real joy to millions of Russian housewives died at the eighty-ninth year of life.