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Johnny Depp wins defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard

The jury sided with the actor in the libel case.

Источник фото: Brendan Smialowski, Pool via AP.

The protracted lawsuit between former spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard clearly did not end the way the "Aquaman" star expected.

It all started with Amber's accusations against her husband regarding domestic violence on his part, but Johnny counterattacked by filing a counterclaim for defamation.

Because of this, according to Depp, greatly damaged his reputation and deprived him of several significant roles.

In the end, the jury agreed with Depp's findings, finding no evidence of violence on his part against then-wife Amber Heard.

Now losing the process on almost all counts, Amber must pay Depp fifteen million dollars.

The court's decision in favor of Johnny was met by enthusiastically roar of a crowd, consisted of his fans, which gathered in front of the courthouse.