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The teaser of the Marilyn Monroe biopic "Blondie" is published

The leading role in it was played by Ana de Armas.

Netflix has released the first video with footage from its new movie "Blondie". It tells the story of the life and work of Hollywood star and sex symbol of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe.

In the short clip, the lead performer, Ana de Armas, first cries, then laughs in front of the mirror and confesses to her makeup artist that she doesn't want to be alone. The scene is interspersed with shots of films with her participation, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953) and "The Itch of the Seventh Year" (1955).

"Blondie" was directed by Andrew Dominick from a screenplay based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates. The film will be released on Netflix in September and will be the service's first original film rated NC-17, prohibiting viewers under the age of 18.