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Tom Hanks names Oscar-winning role he wouldn't play today

That sensational 1993 film actually made the artist a star we all know.

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It is about the drama "Philadelphia", in which Tom Hanks played a lawyer Andrew Beckett, who loses his prestigious job allegedly because of his unfitness.

In fact, the hero of Hanks was a homosexual man with AIDS.

This role, won an Oscar for the actor. Yet now, from the height of years lived, the 65-year-old Hanks has already said in a conversation with reporters that today he would not take for this role under any pretext. It not because he's still embarrassed about anything.

"It's not my thing, to be honest. Back then, of course, it was a different time. And in today's reality, I just would not be accepted in this role, "- says the artist frankly.