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The Winchesters series: release date, cast, and more.

Viewers will see the "Supernatural" prequel very soon. They can expect amazing plot twists and turns of the "old" story.

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Supernatural may be closed, but its legacy as a gateway to the land of horror and intricate family drama will live on forever. The TV series ran for a phenomenal 15 seasons and developed an emotional fanbase that is still very active. For these viewers, "Supernatural" will return in the upcoming, fall, TV season, even if they won't immediately recognize the beloved TV project. The thing is, it will come out as a prequel called "The Winchesters." In this review, let's find out what to expect from it on screen.

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"The Winchesters" release date and where to see it.

The CW, the American network behind the production of the franchise, has scheduled the premiere of "The Winchesters" for October 11, 2022. After that, new episodes will appear weekly. The CW hopes that viewers will love the series, even if they remain unsatisfied with the "Supernatural" finale.

Once televised, "The Winchesters" is expected to migrate to the network's website and will be available for streaming as well as in VOD format. There's no talk about other digital platforms, but it's possible that after the test run on the CW, the first season will eventually appear on Netflix, as it has already happened with other TV shows, such as "Riverdale", "Legacy" and "Supernatural". Accordingly, residents of Russia will be able to see the prequel closer to the end of the year.

What is the plot of "The Winchesters"?

The series will basically follow the love story of John Winchester (Drake Roger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly). They track down their fathers and delve deeper and deeper into the world of monster hunting. John is still reeling from the Vietnam War, while Mary aspires to a normal life after spending her childhood surrounded by those who dealt with the supernatural. Naturally, they are in no hurry to tie their fates to the work of their forefathers, but they don't want to give up their destiny either, trying to sort out their own feelings, both for their profession and for each other.

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At the same time, John and Mary's relationship will be narrated behind the scenes by their future son Dean (Jensen Ackles). It is unclear whether he has recovered from the tetanus he picked up in the "Supernatural" finale, or whether his narrative in "The Winchesters" will not have a clear timeline. But Dean's presence in the prequel has already been approved by fans of the saga.

According to the official synopsis of the TV show, "19-year-old Mary has been fighting the forces of darkness since she was a child. After the loss of a close relative, she decides to end the family business - until her father disappears and she meets John, which forces her to lead a new team. John has recently returned from Vietnam. Selfless and cold-blooded, at home he plunges into a new mission. He is caught up in his father's connections from the past, which lead to a secret organization and a new war as a hunter."

The cast and crew of The Winchesters.

Roger, Donnelly and Ackles are not the only ones who will appear on the series. Bianca Caillick will play Millie Winchester, John's mother and Dean and Sam's grandmother, who has not appeared on screen before, on "Supernatural." Nida Khurshid and Jojo Fleites will play the roles of Leitika and Carlos, respectively, two monster hunters who team up with John and Mary. Demetria McKinney will appear as a bookstore owner named Ada, and Michael Taccone the mysterious character of Hank


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As for the crew, there are a lot of familiar names in "The Winchesters." Ackles will not only play one of the roles, but he and his wife Dannyl will also act as a producer. "Supernatural" screenwriter Robbie Thompson took on the job of writing scenes for "The Winchesters" as well. He also helped the Ackles produce the project. And another producer, Glen Winter, directed the first episode. Eric Kripke, the creator of "Supernatural," was not involved in "The Winchesters," doing other projects.