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The trailer of the drama "Paradise highway" with Juliette Binoche is out

The film will be released in cinemas and on digital platforms on July 29th.

Источник фото: Lionsgate.

After decades of successful career Juliette Binoche played a role unlike any of her previous works. In the new thriller "Paradise Highway" 58-year-old Oscar winner appeared in the form of a truck driver. By virtue of circumstances, she must transport a teenage girl across state lines. The film also stars Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo, Cameron Monahan, Halah Finley, Veronica Ferres and Christian Sidel.

Кадр из к/ф "Райское шоссе", 2022.

Источник фото: Lionsgate.

The 43-second trailer shows the delicate - and dangerous - situation when Sally (Binoche) agrees to take on an illegal transportation job in place of her jailed brother (Grillo) to keep him safe from threats from violent cellmates. Later, the heroine realizes that the deal involves transporting a child (Finley). Meanwhile, an FBI agent (Freeman) follows the trail of thugs seeking to harm the girl and her newfound protector while trying to keep them alive.