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Season 5 of "Stranger Things": Everything we know about It

The release of the last episodes of the Duffer Brothers' fourth season of the super-popular project has brought down the Netflix site. Let's find out where the authors will "lead" the further narrative and when you can see it.

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The wait for the fourth season of the sci-fi series "Very Strange Things" took fans almost three years. But it was well worth it. Viewers are very hopeful that the fifth and final season of their favorite project will not keep them waiting long. Its production is already confirmed and should start this year. For now, let's talk about what we know by this day about the finale of Netflix's flagship TV show.


Since its first episode in 2015, "Stranger Things" has quickly become Netflix's flagship project. Each new season has built momentum, growing in popularity. And season five will be the beginning of the end of the wonderful and scary saga about the adventures of brave teenagers in a quiet American town.

The three-year wait has made some people very nervous. But Nielsen figures show: in the first week after the release of the first part of the fourth season, the number of views of the series rose to 7.2 billion minutes. Demand was so great that after the second part was released, some subscribers encountered glitches, rushing to watch its epic ending.

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The status of season five of "Very Stranger Things": updated.

Ahead of production on season four, its creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, claimed they had no idea how long and in stages it would take to tell the full story of "Stranger Things." "Four or five seasons would be enough for us, but who knows? Nothing is official yet, but we know where we want to go. We're trying to figure out how long it's going to take to get there, so we'll see," Ross commented at the time. "It's difficult because four seasons seems short and five seems long. So I don't know what to do," Matt added. Now all the I's have been dotted, however, and "Very Stranger Things" is inevitably heading toward completion. Though what will happen to Netflix subscribers after the fifth season's release is hard to imagine, given the glitches after the fourth season premiered.

What to expect from the series' final season?

"Welcome to hell, Hawkins, Indiana!"

Despite all opposing efforts, Vecna, aka Henry, aka 001 was able to execute a plan to open the gates between the Netherworld and the real world. Dozens of people died, and the rest fled. Giant smokescreens destroy all of Hawkins' vegetation. Soon the real city resembles a "seamy" one, and Vecna's vision of a "beautiful" new world takes shape. As Hawkins descends into chaos, the authorities pull in troops, and only a few residents, including our acquaintances, remain in the midst of what is happening to try to destroy Vecna.


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Return of Vecna / 001 vs. 011.

Nancy, Steve, and Robin were close to ending Vecna, but he escaped death at the last minute. It is unclear how injured he is and how long it will take him to recover from gunshot wounds and burns. Once he recovers, expect to see Vecna unleash his full force on Hawkins and unleash hordes of monsters from the "the Upside Down". The only one capable of confronting Vekna one-on-one is Eleven, who barely survived her second encounter with him. Her strength cannot be denied, but to defeat Vecna, she must practice and unleash her potential.

Will Hawkins be quarantined?

Since the danger emanating from beyond the gates of "the Upside Down" threatens not only Hawkins, but the world as a whole, martial law and quarantine may be declared in the city. The military presence will only increase, especially if Demogorgons and other unholy things begin to emerge from the gates. The remaining inhabitants of Hawkins will have to fend for themselves while the army wages war against the forces of "the Upside Down".

What will happen to the gate?

If Eleven can handle Vecna, it won't cause the gate to close automatically. In fact, she'll have to repeat what she already did once with the gate in season two and forcibly close it. The first challenge was big, but not serious compared to what Eleven has in store now. The second round will require her to not only focus her strength, but also to make sacrifices.

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Will Max wake up?

Max's death was the result of Vekna's plan, but unexpectedly, Eleven is able to bring her back to life. For now Max is in a coma, but we expect her to wake up, though it is unclear in what condition. If Max wakes up fully recovered, then it will be clear that Eleven can bring people back to life. Given the events of season five, our heroine could really use this ability and more often than she thinks.

Time Leap.

The Duffers have already announced that there will be another time jump in their story. It will probably happen around 1988 or 1989. This should coincide with the actual age of the actors involved, who have already outgrown their 15-year-old heroes. This applies, for example, to Gaten Matarazzo, who will be 20 years old in September and 21 at the time of the fifth season's release.

When might the fifth season of the series see the light of day?

In an interview with Collider, the brothers said they plan to get to work writing the script for the new season in early August, after a "little vacation" in July. It's unlikely that the wait for new episodes on screen will drag on for three years, as it did with season four. Most likely, they will appear in late 2023 or early 2024. And it's likely that season five will be divided into two parts, as it was with season four. We've seen the same thing with other successful TV projects -- "Ozark," "Lucifer" and "Paper House." But even if each half of the season contains only four episodes, viewers are in for a long and tumultuous, climactic journey


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