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Orlando Bloom starred in the King of Avalon game trailer

Thus, the 45-year-old actor continued his series of heroic characters.

An exclusive new trailer for "King of Avalon," a public mobile game inspired by the Arthurian cycle, has been released. In the video, you can see Orlando Bloom, in shining knight's armor, defeating enemies on the battlefield.

The new version of "Frost & Flame: King of Avalon" will give users a number of new options as they lead their armies to seize the throne and tame dragons to serve their cause. By this day, new players will also be able to unlock the character Knightheart, whose appearance will seem very familiar to all those who are fans of Bloom's work.

Along with the trailer game developer FunPlus published footage from the filming of the video, in which you can see the details of the project, including ammunition and dragons.