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Chris Hemsworth went vegetarian to kiss Natalie Portman in Thor movie

The performer of the main role decided to change the diet so as not to embarrass his partner, who has not eaten meat for many years, during the filming of the kissing scene.

Источник фото: Marvel Studios.

Chris Hemsworth respects the vegetarianism of Natalie Portman. When it was necessary to shoot a kissing scene between Thor (Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Portman) for the film "Thor: Love and Thunder", Chris decided to temporarily renounce meat. This was told by Natalie in an interview with the British radio station Capital FM. Hemsworth's action is noteworthy because the denial of meat, even if only temporary, could lead to a weakening of his physical form, which he is obliged to "hold" to perform the role of the god-thunderer.

Натали Портман и Крис Хемсворт в к/ф "Тор: Любовь и гром", 2022.

Источник фото: Marvel Studios.

"He's really beautiful," Natalie admitted. "The day we had our kissing scene, he didn't eat meat in the morning because I'm a vegan. And yet he eats meat every half hour. And that was such a concern on his part. It's not something I'm angry or worried about, but he just cared. He's just a really nice person." Portman's colleague on the set of "Thor," Tessa Thompson, added: "I didn't even know he could go out without eating meat. He just eats bison for breakfast. It was so cute."

"Thor: Love and Thunder" had its world premiere on June 23rd.