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Harrison Ford is 80: his most famous movie roles

Indiana Jones. Han Solo. Rick Deckard. These are just a few of the most memorable characters in Hollywood history and it was Harrison Ford, who embodied them on screen. On July 13th, 2022, the actor turned 80 years old.

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He is one of the most prolific professionals of his time, leading major film franchises such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars. But Ford is also an acclaimed actor whose success matches the way he embodies characters in even the most fantastic situations. When Ford reached the height of his fame in the '80s he was the opposite of action heroes "on steroids." They dealt with enemies with the efficiency of cyborgs, while Ford's heroes were always drenched in sweat. They showed fear. In in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones might have won, but he knew that one wrong move and it would be he who was blown to pieces by a propeller, not the Nazi mechanic. However, Ford was able to combine several qualities. "Indiana Jones" and "Star Wars" allowed him to make good money, but he used his influence to star in such poignant social pictures as "The Mosquito Coast" and "The Witness." Of course, he also made missteps and missed opportunities, but despite that, he entertained audiences with the wonderful combination of charm, humanity and heart that made him an idol. So, in this review, ten of his most striking movie roles.

"Good Morning", 2010.

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Доброе утро", 2010.

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This romantic comedy, with Ford as a former war correspondent forced to host a morning show, revealed the actor's hidden talents. Accustomed to playing tense dramas and thrillers, here he played the role of a stubborn man, who nevertheless is trying to find a new place in life. Despite the main star of the picture was Rachel McAdams, Ford and, his "co-star", Diane Keaton made a lasting impression with their verbal duels, filled with jibes and jokes.

"Trespass", 2000.

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Что скрывает ложь", 2000.

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Ford has made a career out of playing the good guys, so his role as the cheating professor with the "dark" secret came as a surprise. In the picture, the actor showed the cozy decency of someone everyone used to think of as the perfect husband. And the cinematography probably lost from Ford's failure to alternate between heroic roles and images of scoundrels.

"The Witness," 1985.


Харрисон Форд и Келли Макгиллис в к/ф "Свидетель", 1985.

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Ford earned his first and only Oscar nomination for his modest work as a detective forced to hide in an Amish village with the family of a boy who witnesses a murder. When the film was released in 1985, it showed that Ford was not only an actor but also a movie star. His character John Brook, who, against his better judgment, begins to let his guard down by falling in love with the "witness's" mother, reminded us of how subtle and sensual a performer Ford can be under the direction of a good director, in this case, Peter Weir.

"Presumed Innocent", 1990.

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Презумпция невиновности", 1990.

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Another clever exploration of the "dark" sides of Ford's personality. In "Presumpted Innocent," the actor played a talented prosecutor who must investigate the murder of a colleague and part-time mistress. The ending is stunning, and the way Ford works the case through to his arrest keeps viewers in suspense. That's what helped the film become a blockbuster.

"Working Girl", 1988


Мелани Гриффит, Харрисон Форд и Сигурни Уивер в к/ф "Деловая женщина", 1988.

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The film tells the story of Melanie Griffith as a secretary aspiring to be a top executive, and the turnaround Jack Trainer gives the story the poignancy it needs. He is worthy of the love of the ambitious Griffith as well as the audience.

"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," 1989.

Шон Коннери и Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Индиана Джонс и последний крестовый поход", 1989.

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"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is much beloved by audiences, and Ford went to great lengths to vividly portray the iconic character in the 1981 adventure. But his portrayal of Indiana Jones had "matured" by 1989 in such a way that the famous fedora hat was literally glued to his head, so authentic did he look in the role. Add to that Ford's alliance with Sean Connery, who played Indy's strict father. Their relationship made the screen sparkle and at the same time embellished with old-fashioned and lovable pathos.

"Blade Runner," 1982.

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Бегущий по лезвию", 1982.

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Ridley Scott's brutal, futuristic love story is widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. But critics tend to focus on the plot and setting, especially loving the rain-drenched vision of city life and overlooking Ford's credible performance as an ex-cop baffled by the search for replicants.

"The Fugitive," 1993

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Беглец", 1993.

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Tommy Lee Jones won an Oscar for his portrayal of a lawman, but Ford is also very impressive in his role of Richard Kimble, a surgeon unjustly convicted of murdering his wife. This is an extremely "physical" role. The actor makes the audience feel the broken ribs, sprained ankles and sprained muscles that Kimble struggles with as he races against time to find the real killer. And Ford's performance early in the film, as he struggles with despair at his wife's death and resentment at being accused of murder, is considered the best of his career.

"The Mosquito Coast," 1986

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Берег москитов", 1986.

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Audience was not ready to watch Ford go crazy, when the film was released in 1986. Ally Fox, the genius inventor who transports his family to the jungle, was too repulsive and narcissistic to expect his story to unravel. So the film failed financially and received only praise from critics. Ford did an excellent job digging deep into Fox's motivation, which was frightening and impressive at the same time.

"Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back," 1980.

Харрисон Форд в к/ф "Звёздные войны: Эпизод 5 – Империя наносит ответный удар", 1980.

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Nothing in Ford's filmography compares to Han Solo, a daring smuggler who regains his moral compass. In "The Empire Strikes Back," Ford is inimitable, displaying sassy sarcasm and a wistful look at Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher. Their goodbye just before Han was frozen in carbonite is considered the climax of the space opera. "Star Wars" may have made Ford a movie star, but it was "Empire" that made him a legend.