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A teaser of the new TV series with Lily Rose Depp "Idol" is out

A short video of the upcoming HBO project was shown at a concert by the popular Canadian performer in upstate New York.

The new TV show "Idol" will premiere on HBO before the end of the year. It was created by Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye, well known by his stage name The Weeknd. Reza Faheem and Sam Levinson worked with him on the series. The official synopsis of the show reads, "The story follows a popular singer who begins an affair with a mysterious Los Angeles club owner, who turns out to be the leader of a secret cult.

It was revealed some time ago that there had been a major change in the TV show's cast, but HBO went ahead with the production, saying, "The creative team behind 'Idol' continues to build, refine and improve its vision for the show, and it has been aligned with the new creative direction. The production will be tweaked for the cast and crew to make the best use of this new approach."

In addition to The Weeknd, the series stars Lily-Rose Depp, Debbie Ryan, Steve Zissis, Troy Sivan, Julibeth Gonzalez and more.