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New footage from "Interview with the Vampire" series has hit the web

The photo can be characterized as "teasing" - it features Sam Reed as Lestat Lyoncourt in fragments.

Источник фото: AMC.

AMC continues to hide the face of Lestat, the main character of its upcoming series "Interview with the Vampire." At least, that's the conclusion we can draw from a photo posted online by the network. In it, you can see only the shoulders and the bottom of Lestat's face, standing behind the openwork grille.

Кадр из сериала "Интервью с вампиром" (2022).

Источник фото: AMC.

Following the famous 1994 adaptation with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst, this will be a new interpretation of Anne Rice's gothic novel published in 1976. Production on the series began in December, and since then, fans of the horror genre could see a few shots and trailers.

For example, in the published teaser we could see the coffins of Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat (Sam Reed) standing side by side, but the faces of both performers cleverly concealed.

The first season of Interview with the Vampire release is going to hit the web later this year.