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New Line Cinema launches "Mortal Kombat" sequel

Simon McQuoid will once again take the director's chair.

Источник фото: New Line Cinema.

The plot of the 2021 film "Mortal Kombat" was based on the video game series of the same name, which was developed by Ed Boone and John Tobias.

The picture was the directorial debut for Simon McQuoid. He began his career as a graphic designer in Australia, then moved to the U.S., where he has already acted in the field of commercials. So, "Mortal Kombat" was a good opportunity for him to reach a new professional level. The film was released on HBO Max and brought the platform a good profit, becoming one of its most watched projects. Therefore, the decision to shoot a sequel, the New Line Cinema studio made quickly enough. Now it is reported that the process of work has officially started.

The script for the sequel "Mortal Kombat" will be written by Jeremy Slater, known for his work on the series "Umbrella Academy" and "Moon Knight".