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The new trailer for "Don't Worry, Darling" is out

This thriller from New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. will hit the big screens in September.

Florence Pugh angrily crushes raw eggs in her hands in the new, emotional, trailer for "Don't Worry, Darling." It's one example of her character Alice losing her temper when her perfect life begins to crumble. And then in the clip, the walls begin to crush, literally.

In the Olivia Wilde-directed thriller "Don't Worry, Sunshine," Alice and her husband Jack (Harry Styles) live in a bizarre experimental utopia called "Victory." However, the young woman quickly begins to suspect that her husband's high-tech company, working on a mysterious world-changing project, has an unattractive underside.

In addition to Pugh and Stiles, the film stars Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Olivia Wilde, Kiki Lane, Nick Kroll and others. "Don't Worry, Sunshine" is scheduled to have its world premiere on Sept. 20.