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Paramount+ released a teaser for Wolf Pack Returns. The first te: The Movie

The picture is a sequel to the popular MTV teen series.

Wolf Pack Returns. The first teaser of the new movie, a sequel to the TV show of the same name, was shown at Comic-Con in San Diego. In the video, you can see the familiar faces of the cast from the TV show, and at the end, viewers will see the "risen from the dead" Allison, played by Crystal Reed.

"I wanted to make sure I got the character right," screenwriter Jeff Davis told San Diego. "Her (Allison's) comeback is magical. I wrote Crystal, 'We haven't finished the story yet. I have a lot of ideas, but I always said if I was going to make a movie, I'd bring Alisson back." She wrote back that she was crying when she red my letter."

In the series, Allison dies at the end of the third season after Reed decides to leave the project. From the movie teaser, however, it is clear that the heroine returns from the other side under mysterious circumstances. In addition to Reed, the film stars Tyler Posey, Holland Rodin, Tyler Hacklin, Shelley Hennig, Ornie Adams and others.

An exact premiere date for "Teen Wolf" has not yet been determined, but it is known to be released on Paramount+ before the end of this year.