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The sexiest actors from Turkey and Hollywood, who have turned 30

A wide selection of the sexiest actors who are over 30 and already have a family from Turkey and Hollywood. The reasons for their popularity and their relationships with women.

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Hollywood and Turkey are a sheer treasure trove of beauties and handsome men who literally mesmerize with their beauty and charisma. Oddly enough, many of the sexy beauties and stunning men have long ago started their own families. So, which of the charming beauties and handsome men decided to tie the bonds of marriage?

Michael Fassbender.

Майкл Фассбендер

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This strikingly handsome red-haired masterful Hollywood heartthrob has been constantly stirring the imagination of a huge number of women for very many years now, thanks to his truly striking appearance, which his incredibly beautiful Irish mother and German-born father were able to give him. The star of the popular films "X-Men," "Shame," as well as "12 Years a Slave" and the action film "Prometheus" over the years, has become an even hotter and brighter guy!

In 2017, the charismatic Fassbender tied the knot of marriage with the amazing beauty actress Alicia Vikander. Their acquaintance took place literally three years earlier during the filming of the famous movie "Light in the Ocean." The wife is younger than her famous husband by as much as 11 years. Despite this, in 2021, the couple got their own child!

Burak Ozcivit

Бурак Озчивит

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The brutal Burak successfully started his own career doing modeling self-realization, but having already starred here at once for four years for a great glossy, he immediately realized that he wished to carry out his development in an unexpected way.

After several works, starts his participation in the project "Family Home", which brings the charming Ozcivit his first important success. Then there was a very bright and cool reincarnation in the very "Magnificent Century", and also born a wonderful romantic role in the magnificent show "Love bird". But, the man is together with the seductive Fahriyeh and raising a son, which can't help but stun his fans!

Brad Pitt

Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт.

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We knew about this guy's beauty 20 and 10 years ago, but now it is still extremely relevant! The status of a Hollywood sex symbol is fixed for Pitt since the distant 90's, when this amazing guy began to literally bathe in the amazing audience love. Magnificent form was demonstrated by him in the picture of Quentin Tarantino's "Once upon a time... in Hollywood". For many years he lived with Angelina Jolie, but now he has separated from the beauty and fights in the courts for joint children. The situation is not pleasant, but maybe they will still stay together?

Chagatai Ulusoi

Чагатай Улусой

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He became famous for his role in the TV series "I called her Ferikha" and woke up... famous! True, for him it was also quite a shock! But directors exploited his appearance! The actor himself does not want to make a career, using only the advantages of their own appearance. At the moment, in his current filmography there is a stable large number of challenging and interesting dramatic roles. At the same time, the guy is married and loves his wife!

Jude Law

Джуд Лоу

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A real hero of social chronicles, the actor became famous for his roles in romantic series and thrillers. But the personal life of handsome Law is also very rich in interesting events: he has been married twice successfully, with his first wife Sadie Frost appeared once three children, from the life with the second - Philippa Cohen he has only one child. He acquired children in between relationships - thus, one of the children by the model Samantha Burke, another by the charming beauty singer Katherine Harding. He dated them in between his two marriages!

Kivanc Tatlitug

Кыванч Татлытуг

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The charming beauty changed women and starred in the best Turkish series. It would seem, why burden yourself with problems? But no! Now the sly seducer Tatlitug is successfully married to the bright, beautiful designer Başak Dizer.

Кыванч Татлытуг с супругой

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The actor's wife is great about her husband's popularity. The lovers quite often carry out their walks in the numerous Turkish streets completely without the need to take security. Tabloids say that he is a family man and the couple is seriously thinking... about adding to their family!