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Audrey Tautou is 46: the little diamond of French cinema

She gained international fame when she played the charming Amélie Poulain in the Jean-Pierre Jeunet romcom. Her other no less striking roles are in this review.

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Audrey Justine Tautou was born on August 9, 1976 in Beaumont, France, in the family of teacher Evelyn Marie and dental surgeon Bernard Tautou. Audrey showed an interest in comedy at a young age and began training at the theatrical "Courses Florence" in Paris. In 1998, she won the best young actress at the 9th Bezier Comedy Festival.

Audrey then attracted the attention of filmmaker Toni Marshall, who gave her a role in the movie "The Venus Beauty Salon" (1999). For her work in this film, Tautou received the highest award of the French cinema "Cesar" as the best new actress. This success was a surprise to both those around her and Audrey: "I was convinced that they could not pick me anywhere, so I told Toni that she had the wrong number.

One way or another, but the director managed to work with the actress. Marshall later recalled, "She came in stumbling, blushing, her ears sticking out funny and her hair was ruffled. In five minutes she showed me the essence of the character, a little young girl who wanted to be a lady and become a woman." In 2000 Audrey was again nominated for a Cesar for the film Amelie, which was a phenomenal success worldwide.

In this review, five of Audrey Tautou's best roles.

«Amelie» (2001), Amelie Poulin.

Одри Тоту в к/ф "Амели" (2001).

Источник фото: Claudie Ossard Productions.

This is a romantic comedy that centers around a young waitress named Amelie. She is a naive and innocent girl who stays in her own imaginary world most of the time. In spite of this, she helps the people around her to find their happiness.

A Very Long Engagement (2004), Matilda.

Одри Тоту в к/ф "Долгая помолвка" (2004).

Источник фото: 2003 Productions.

A melodrama about a French woman who ventures out in search of her lover who disappeared on the battlefields of World War I. He was one of five soldiers sent to face imminent death in the trenches of the Somme for attempting to evade military duty. Although nothing has been heard of the young man since then, she continues to search. And in parallel, she discovers an unjust system in which people like her fiancé were regularly sent to disputed territory.

«Dirty Pretty Things» (2002), Senay.

Одри Тоту в к/ф "Грязные прелести" (2002).

Источник фото: Celador Films.

Okwe is a good-hearted Nigerian doctor living illegally in London. His life takes a twist when one day he discovers a discarded human heart in the hotel he shares with other immigrants like himself. Totou played a Muslim woman who helps Okwa return to her homeland.

«Coco Before Chanel» (2009), Mademoiselle.

Одри Тоту в к/ф "Коко до Шанель" (2009).

Источник фото: Haut et Court.

This biopic about the great fashion designer and France's most famous couturier was a real benefit for Audrey. She showed how a provincial girl from a small town, brought up in an orphanage and at first dreaming of becoming a singer, finds her true vocation and boldly goes to her dream - to become the best in the chosen field. Tautou considers this role to be her favorite.

"Pot Luck" (2002), Martin.

Ромен Дюрис и Одри Тоту в к/ф "Испанка" (2002).

Источник фото: France 2 Cinéma.

The film is about growing up and finding yourself. Tautou played the girlfriend of the main character Xavier, who suddenly realizes that she is not a match for him.

"The Da Vinci Code" (2006), Sophie Neve.

Одри Тоту и Том Хэнкс в к/ф "Код Да Винчи" (2006).

Источник фото: Columbia Pictures.

Audrey appeared in the film adaptation of Dan Brown's bestselling novel paired with Tom Hanks, playing the granddaughter of the curator of the Louvre and a cryptographer for the French police. "The Da Vinci Code" is her first and last Hollywood project to date. In the sequels of the franchise Audrey no longer starred, admitting in an interview that in Hollywood without good English you could not get nowhere. "You are forced to play only the roles of foreign women," the actress summed up.