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10 Outstanding Movie Roles of Jennifer Lawrence

The most original and interesting images of Jennifer Lawrence: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay", "Red Sparrow", "Mother!" and many other striking roles of a young and talented actress.

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A young, talented and Oscar-winning actress - Jennifer Lawrence, famous not only in her native America, but also loved all over the world. She attracts her spontaneity, naturalness, sincerity and great sense of humor.

In life Jennifer sticks to a laconic style. Rarely wears jewelry, but prefers bright shoes, heels, small accents in clothes and hats. The actress often wears short T-shirts thanks to her pumped abs. She likes jeans, coats and comfortable sweaters. At the same time she is a real badass. That is the real Lawrence.

And what is she like in movies? We decided to remember the 10 most interesting and dramatic images of Jennifer Lawrence in the cinema. If you have not seen these films - we recommend to watch for sure!

1. «Hunger games», 2012-2015

«Голодные игры», 2012-2015

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Lawrence superbly played the role of Kitniss Everdeen in the "Hunger Games" saga, where she was a symbol of fortitude, courage and determination. The film is about a simple girl who dared to go against the system, thereby conquering the whole world.

Jennifer as Mockingjay, armed with a bow, evolved from one film to the next, becoming more and more steadfast and stronger.

The role of Kitniss has given Jennifer Lawrence the love of audiences around the world.

2. «X-men», 2011-2019

«Люди ИКС», 2011-2019

Here we see Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, the strongest female mutant from the Marvel universe. In this movie, just like in the previous one, Lawrence has the role of a strong heroine who can become the leader of the whole world!

Interestingly, Jennifer is not the only actress to have played Mystique. Two actresses have played X-Men in different years. Rebecca Romain and Jennifer Lawrence, respectively.

Rebecca had to be replaced by the creators of the film, because due to her age, the actress could no longer be such a young mutant. Then the casting director began looking for a young actress with dramatic talent for the role of Mystique. And Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect candidate to replace her. Whose Mystique do you like better?

3. «Passengers», 2016

«Пассажиры», 2016

The producers of the film decided to give the audience what they needed. At a time when the theme of space was popular, an incredible film was created about two people (actors - D. Lawrence and K. Pratt) - who woke up on their way to a new planet. Legends will be made about their relationship, as well as the good intuition of the producers. For this role, Lawrence received a record fee of $20,000,000.

4. «American Hustle», 2013

«Афера по-американски», 2013

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Jennifer plays Mrs. Roosevelt, a mother and wife, an unhappy woman who has been cheated more than once. Despite the hardships of life, Rosalyn remains a beautiful and chic lady. This is understood not only by her, but also by the men around her.

Lawrence as Rosaline is a grotesque, yet real-life example of how women can torment and abuse men for years while keeping them close to them.

Throughout the film, this clownery will be breathtaking, all thanks to Jennifer Lawrence's superb dramatic performance!

5. «Silver Linings Playbook», 2012

«Мой парень — псих», 2012

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Truth be told, Jennifer's craziness goes with the territory-so it will seem to you after watching this worthy film.

Jennifer plays the role of the slightly odd Tiffany, the girlfriend of the unstable and highly emotional Pat, played just as magnificently by Bradley Cooper.

The movie is worth your attention. And by the way, Lawrence won an "Oscar" nomination called the Best Actress.

6. Joy, 2015

«Джой», 2015

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If Jennifer hadn't won an award for her previous film, she would have 100% won it for this creation. Jennifer plays an ordinary but courageous girl named Joy, who has dreams that are hard to achieve because of the pressures of everyday life. But, the main character is not left with thoughts of how to make the world a better place, to change ordinary things in order to somehow alleviate the worries of housewives.

7. «Red sparrow», 2018

«Красный воробей», 2018

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Jennifer Lawrence starred in a spy drama thriller in which she played Russian agent Veronika Egorova.

Veronica (Dominika in the American film) became a victim of the KGB. She was transformed from a pretty Russian ballerina girl with light brown hair into a blonde super-agent who was supposed to seduce a CIA agent. But, the romance that began between the agents changed the government's plans. This movie will keep you in suspense until the very end.

8. "Winter's Bone and Joy", 2010

«Зимняя кость», 2010

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In this film, twenty-year-old Jennifer played a girl named Ree. She does everything to save her loved ones, who are mired in debt because of her absent-minded father. It was this role of Jennifer that brought the actress her first nomination.

9. The Beaver and Winter's Bone (2011)

«Бобер», 2011

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In the drama film "The Beaver and Winter's Bone", paired with the American actor of Russian origin - Anton Yelchin, Lawrence plays a couple in love.

In the tragicomedy, 21-year-old Jennifer perfectly played the role of a teenage cheerleader, an unavailable and very attractive girl.

10. Mother!

«Мама», 2017

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Jennifer starred as "Mom" in a psychological thriller, where she appears to us as a frightened landlady of the house, which for some unknown reason, was unceremoniously broke into by strange and incomprehensible people. How it all ends, you'll find out after the viewing.