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The budget of the second "Joker" will be three times bigger than the first

It also became known the fee of Lady Gaga for the movie, in which she will play the role of Harvey Quinn.

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The second film in the "Joker" franchise will get a big budget, despite Warner Bros.'s recent tax deduction. According to Variety, the sequel "Joker: Madness for Two" will cost the studio three times as much as the original $55 million picture.

Performer Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker as well as director Todd Phillips will receive an impressive $20 million for his work. While Phoenix's partner in the project Lady Gaga, approved for the role of Harvey Quinn, will earn $10 million. Taking into account the musical component of the sequel, its budget could rise to $150 million, the publication notes. And that's a huge amount, considering the recent costs of "Batgirl," which it was decided not to release.

For now, the second "Joker" is the only DC project Warner Bros. has decided to bring to completion, that is, to the wide screen. It is scheduled to premiere in October 2024.