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Lindsay Lohan will play in the romantic comedy "Irish Wish".

The 36-year-old actress will enter a parallel reality and try to make her wish come true.

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Netflix has announced its new film starring Lindsay Lohan called Irish Wish. It will be a romantic comedy under the contract concluded by the actress with the streaming service for the development of two projects. Lohan will play the role of Maddie, a girl forced to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of the man she loves. She makes a wish for her role to be reversed, and wakes up in the "right" reality only to find that it's not what she really wanted.

"Irish Wish" is the second romantic comedy Netflix has starred Lohan in lately. On November 10, "Falling for Christmas," where Lindsay played the role of an engaged woman who loses her memory in a skiing fall, will be released in theaters. Both films were directed by Janine Damian. She co-wrote the screenplay for Irish Wish with Kirsten Hansen, Ron Oliver and Michael Damian.