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Jodie Comer could become the new Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot

There are still a lot of uncertainties in the appearance of this film.

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One of the most beloved characters in "Fantastic Four" may have a new face. According to insider reports, actress Jodie Comer could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Sue Storm in a sequel to the series.

So far this news appears to be at the rumor level, but according to critics, the star of "Killing Eve" and "Main Character" could fit perfectly into this project.

No word yet on what the sequel to "Fantastic Four" will be, but according to some reports, there is already a draft script and active preparations for filming are underway.

Many fans, truth be told, and already do not believe in the emergence of a new "Fantastic Four," but Marvel head Kevin Feigy previously said that the principle decision to create the film has already been made and the picture will definitely appear.