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The most dangerous food abroad or how not to ruin your vacation or health

Not careful in terms of gastronomy at foreign resorts tourists are at best risk of spoiling their vacation with poisoning.

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Hot climate, untested or exotic products and the desire to try everything threatens our tourists big trouble.


According to statistics, water is one of the main causes of food poisoning in hot countries. This problem is especially often in Egypt and Tunisia.

Experts strongly advise not only not to drink tap water anywhere, but even buy bottled water, checking the cover for leaks. Local merchants sometimes try a trick: they fill an empty container with tap water and sell it.

It is easy to get poisoned this way. In many popular for tourists, but poor countries desalination systems work rather poorly, and water systems leave much to be desired.

The all-you-can-eat smorgasbord

Such a feast is one of the favorite types of meals for many. Some even go there on purpose, choosing a tour in which buffet is included.

However experts warn that such a table is often served with not the freshest products in the best case - in the worst case, with products already spoiled. They are lavishly doused with ketchups, sauces and smelly seasonings, so that you can't tell if it's stale until... Well, until the problems comes.

So experienced people advise buffet lovers not to do two simple things - don't eat too much and avoid food that spoils quickly.

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Sliced fruits and vegetables.

In many restaurants and hotels, fruits and vegetables are offered to tourists in cut form. Ostensibly this is done for the convenience of customers.

But here it is worth remembering that in this form the fruit disappears much faster. Especially in a very hot climate. But, as in the situation with the buffet, the local sly people water them with lemon juice so that they can lie for a long time and retain their marketable appearance.

Dangerous exotics.

Tourists love not only to bring back original souvenirs from their vacation, but also to try local food, which rarely can be found in their homeland.

Here experts warn right away about the double danger. Firstly, even if the dish is cooked properly it might be too unusual for our stomach. As a result - nausea, vomiting, dizziness and a few lost days of vacation.

Secondly, some exotic dishes are truly poisonous and their safety depends on both proper preparation and proper consumption. In general, not everything depends on the eaters themselves.

There are especially many of these outlandish dishes in Southeast Asia. Here and the famous fugu fish, which can cause paralysis of breath, and fish-stone, poisonous spikes of which can lead to death. Even mussels cooked carelessly can cause injury to the mouth, esophagus and intestines if shards of shells get into the dish.