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Planning Pregnancy: Which Vaccinations are Obligatory

Pediatrician Olga Tatarkina believes that during the planning stage of pregnancy vaccination is a very important procedure, because during pregnancy a number of diseases can lead to various complications in fetal development

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Vaccination during planning the pregnancy is an effective protection for the expectant mother against the development of diseases. Those ailments are rough and can can lead to various complications in the fetus, says the pediatrician of the SM-Clinic. Children, Olga Tatarkina.

"If we talk about planning of pregnancy, vaccination is a very important procedure, since certain diseases can lead to various complications during pregnancy. This including impaired fetal development. Vaccination allows you to protect the expectant mother from the development of such diseases," she explained in a conversation with Izvestia.

During vaccination, the body is fed with antigen-specific components, and then in response the immune system produces protective antibodies that destroy disease-causing organisms. In this case, the disease will either occur in a mild form, or it will not develop at all.

According to the national vaccination calendar, adults must be vaccinated against diphtheria and tetanus every 10 years. If a woman has been vaccinated against these diseases in the last ten years, she should be revaccinated with DPT with acellular pertussis when planning pregnancy.

Six months before the desired pregnancy, recommends Tatarkina, it is advisable to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, and 3-6 months - against rubella, measles, epidemic parotitis (PPS). It is also recommended to be vaccinated against chickenpox before pregnancy.