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Immunologist names major symptoms of monkeypox

An immunologist has listed the main signs of monkeypox infection.

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Nikolay Kryuchkov, an immunologist, candidate of medical sciences and general director of "Clinical Excellence Group" told journalists in an interview about the main symptoms, based on which one can suspect monkeypox infection.

"First, there are flu-like symptoms, that is, high fever and very severe malaise. Second, there should be the presence of a distinctive rash that goes through several stages of maturation, including the vesicle stage. Third, the lymph nodes swell. Usually from the onset of fever to the complete end of the disease takes up to three weeks," said the specialist.

In addition, the immunologist noted that with the slightest suspicion of contracting the disease it is necessary to consult a doctor at the place of residence and isolate oneself to prevent the spread of the virus.