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The summer of 2022 was called the worst period in history of tourism

Even at the peak of the pandemic, things were not so bad.

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Analysts presented a report that shows that this summer was the worst for world tourism in decades.

It would seem that after two bad seasons against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, all borders are now open and almost all sanitary restrictions have been lifted. But other problems were discovered.

First of all, passengers have encountered a shortage of personnel at airports, so they are often forced to spend two or three days there.

Secondly, attempts by airlines, hoteliers and tour operators to compensate for stagnant coronavirus times led to unjustified price hikes.

Third, a forty-degree heat wave swept much of the area, discouraging many travelers.

Fourth, the lifting of restrictions has already led to an increase in coronavirus diseases in some countries.

Finally, the sanctions against Russia have deprived many popular resorts of Russian tourists, which has hit their revenues very hard.