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Quidditch name officially changed to quadball

Thus, the players in this sport, which was invented by the writer Joan Rowling, decided to distance themselves from their creator.

Источник фото: nbcnews.com.

Real Quidditch, based on the magical game from the Harry Potter novels, is now called Quadball. This sport first appeared in 2005 at an American college and represented two teams of seven players running around the field on brooms and hammering each other into the rings with a deflated volleyball.

Two organizations, the Quidditch Major League and American Quidditch, announced the change in the game's official name. Their representatives in a special statement indicated two reasons for this step. The first - it's a desire to "distance themselves from the works of J.K. Rowling, who has been subjected to extensive criticism in recent years for her position on transgender people. And the second reason is the desire to make money from the sport. The word "Quidditch" is a trademark of the Warner Bros. movie studio, which imposes restrictions on sports broadcasts and programs as well as sponsorships.

Officials explained that they approved the new name based on input from athletes and fans. Quadball is associated with both the number of balls and the number of positions used in the game.