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Morning taboo: a nutritionist talks about the wrong breakfast

What many of us are used to eating in the morning, in fact, does not bring any benefit to the body.

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Breakfast is the first and most important meal. The body needs to be energized for most of the day. But some eating habits associated with breakfast only take away this energy. Nutritionist Irina Pisareva told about what is not advisable to eat in the morning, RT.

She upset fans of quick breakfasts - cornflakes with milk and sweet pastries will not provide long-lasting satiety. Meat - a nutritious, but too "heavy" product in the morning - the body needs a lot of energy to digest the meat dish. You should not drink fruit juices and coffee during breakfast - these drinks irritate the walls of the stomach.

"The right thing would be to eat light-protein food for breakfast: eggs, cottage cheese, fermented dairy products, porridges," the expert recommended.

Another doctor - Alexander Myasnikov - called the ideal breakfast.