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By Car in Russia: Popular Destinations for Travelers

Weekends or a little vacation - for a road trip you only need the desire, the vehicle and know where to go.

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Car tourism is one of the most popular types of travel among Russians. Rostourism has prepared 133 routes for fans to travel in a private car for all tastes - it can be a weekend tour or vacation for five or more days. We will tell you about nine of them.

Romance of the Kaluga region (Petrovo - art park "Nikola-Lenivets" - Kaluga - Tarusa).

Арт-парк "Никола-Ленивец".

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Travelers will be able to see original works of modern art and taste farm products in Nikola-Lenivets art park, look into the museum-reserve Polotnyanyy Zavod, where Catherine II visited, visit the Tsvetayev family museum in Tarus, and go on a space expedition.

Places of Tambov region (Tambov - Sosnovka - Morshansk - Kotovsk - Vyazovoye).

Оленья ферма.

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Visit a reindeer farm and a factory, producing the famous Nevalashka toy, ascend the observation deck of Barskaya Gora, feel the inspiration in the garden of Sergei Rachmaninov's estate museum, go on a photo hunt for Bobak marmot.

Industrial landscapes of the Kola Peninsula (Murmansk - Teriberka - Lovozero tundras - Kirovsk - Kandalaksha).

Северное сияние.

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Taste fresh seafood, admire the northern lights, which can be seen from September to April. See a spectacular collection of local minerals at Kirovsk's Apatite Museum, and discover the largest mountain range on the peninsula - the Khibiny.

Marvels of Dagestan (Makhachkala - Sulak Canyon - Chirkei HPP - Gimry Tunnel - Arani).

Сулакский каньон.

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Visit mosques and churches in Makhachkala, the Sulak Canyon, which is the deepest in Europe, fish in the Chirkey Reservoir. You will be fascinated by the scenery of the Gimry tunnel and the beauty of the hundred-meter waterfall Tobot.

Republic of Ingushetia (Furtoug - Falkhan tower complex - Myat-Seli sanctuary temple - Egikal village).

замок разбойника Дудара/

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Take a trip to the places of ancient legends of the mountain republic. Visit the tower village of Furtoug, the mysterious castle of the robber Dudar, the city of the dead, the sanctuary temple of Myat-Seli and the tower complexes of Vovnushka.

Secrets of the Copper Mountain (Perm - Gubakha - Cherdyn - Krasnovishersk).

Карстовые пещеры в Губахе.

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Walk along the embankment of the Kama River, see the monuments of wooden architecture in the architectural and ethnographic museum "Khokhlovka". In Gubakha, explore the karst caves and take a memorable photo against the background of the huge inscription "Счастье в горах", which means "Happiness in the mountains".

1000 and 1 pleasures of Tatarstan (Kazan - Sviyazhsk - Bolgar).

Казанский кремль.

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Have breakfast in a traditional Tatar restaurant, stroll along the main historical pedestrian street Bauman, see the snow-white Kazan Kremlin and many other sights of the city with a thousand-year history.

Dream trip in the Republic of Altai (Gorno-Altaisk - Semin Pass - Ongudai - Teletskoe Lake - Artybash).

Чуйский тракт.

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Explore Altai along the Chuisky Route, where ancient rock paintings await you, find mountain crystal in the rocky screes of Chike-Taman, admire the waterfalls of the Chulyshman Valley and the beauties of Lake Teletskoye.

Alpine meadows of the Southern Urals (Chelyabinsk - Miass - Vera Island - Zlatoust - kaolin quarry - Chelyabinsk)


Национальный парк "Таганай"

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In Chelyabinsk museum you can admire a meteorite weighing half a ton, in Zlatoust visit an arms factory and climb the bell tower, where you can ring the bell that is believed makes wishes come true. Walk through the Alpine meadows and thick forests of "Taganai" national park.

Choose your itinerary and go on a fascinating journey!