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Dubai will build a $5 billion "lunar" resort

In the capital of the United Arab Emirates continues the course on the maximum architectural diversity.

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Dubai authorities are planning to open a $5-billion tourist complex designed in the form of the moon. The architectural project is now being developed by the Canadian company Moon World Resorts Inc. The highest point of the object will be a mark of 224 meters. The resort is expected to be built within the next two years and will host up to 2.5 million guests annually.

Проект "лунного" курорта в Дубае.

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The Arab Emirates expect that the construction of the "Moon" will spur the economy of the whole country. In addition to the hotel complex the resort will include a sports and health center, a nightclub and a space tourism center. The area will resemble the lunar surface, and all together will become "the lunar colony" and, according to the authors' concept, will become "the dream place" for those who dream to go into space. The space agencies will have their offices here, and their astronauts will be engaged in trainings in the training center.

The complex will also include 300 condominiums, available for purchase and integrated into the settlement called Sky Villas. Their residents will be able to use the services of the exclusive private club, which is part of the complex.