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Meghan Markle took Prince Harry to the USA

The notorious couple left the UK after all.

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After the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, there were rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to stay in London.

Moreover, it was Prince Harry burning with the desire to stay in his homeland, and the Duchess of Sussex allegedly was not much against it.

But as soon as the queen was escorted to her last journey, it became known that the scandalous couple is no longer in London.

American reporters accidentally noticed how their black SUV Lincoln drove out of the international airport in Los Angeles.

In other words, the couple flew out of Britain just the day after Elizabeth II's funeral.

Journalists have already had time to interview some of the couple's neighbors, and they confessed that on his return, Prince Harry looked dejected, while Meghan, on the contrary, was all flowery and smiling.