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Rolling Stones musicians explained what "rock 'n' roll after 70" means

Mick, Keith and Ronnie talk about how they manage to stay healthy at an advanced age and even tour occasionally.

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Ahead of a two-week tour marking the Rolling Stones' 60th anniversary, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood shared their secrets on how to stay true "rock 'n' roll" when you're "just over 70." Jagger and Richards are now 78, and Wood will celebrate his 75th birthday on June 1.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Meek admitted that the busy touring schedule goes against common stereotypes about aging, but has a positive effect on him. "Honestly, rock 'n' roll, or any other kind of popular music, is not considered something worth doing after 70," the British rocker said. "That's not what he was designed to do. Doing something high-energy at that age is really stressful. More than that, it's defiant. It's like: "Okay, we've got to do it as damn right and as big as possible. Sure, you can broadcast a different type of music-we have a lot of ballads, and I can sit in a chair at this time."

Мик Джаггер во время выступления Rolling Stones.

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After heart surgery in 2019, Jagger is accompanied on trips by his personal cardiologist. But Mick is a frontman who is used to moving actively on stage, it is not coincidence that he became the hero of the Maroon 5 song "Moves Like Jagger". So the musician tries to do everything to stay in shape. The most important thing for him is to follow the training regimen. "I practice for six weeks before I start rehearsals. I dance and go to the gym every day. I can't say I enjoy the process much, but it's something that has to be done."

Richards, who recovered from a 55-year tobacco addiction two years ago, prepares for concerts more gently than his partner. "I may or may not drink hard liquor, and I usually don't," he states. "You know, you grow out of everything. I've spent my life turning something down, so it's the same thing now."

Чарли Уоттс, Кит Ричардс, Мик Джаггер и Ронни Вуд, 2017.

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Meanwhile, Wood is taking a more conscious approach to health after encountering cancer. The musician was diagnosed with lung cancer. "After all the battles with the big C (canser), I try to move around, keep my joints warm - do stretching and stuff," the fan of freshly squeezed greens juices shared with reporters.

The death of drummer Charlie Watts last August due to complications from heart surgery remains on the minds of band members. "I don't really expect him to show up anymore when I turn around during a show," Jagger says. "However I think about him. It is not just during rehearsals or on stage, but also on other occasions. I'd like to call him and talk about the Arsenal game last night because he cheered for Tottenham and I cheered for Arsenal. I miss him both as a colleague and as a friend. At the show, when we go out and bow at the end, there's no Charlie. He always came up to the bow last. I said to him, "Well, come on, what do you have to do?" He was always looking for (drumsticks) because he usually put them in front of him before he got up from his seat."

Мик Джаггер в молодости.

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However, along with the efforts to maintain capacity, the remaining Rolling Stones musicians are convinced: venerable age has the advantage of emotional maturity. Their quarrels within the band in their younger years were legendary, but now, Jagger believes, the wisdom gained with age helps to keep things calm and deny chaos. "It's true, it's taken a long time," he says. "We work in a very 'immature' business. I have no illusions about it. But that doesn't mean you have to be immature."

Wood, who was not an official member of the band until 1976, added "We've matured internally. The disposability was gone from the relationships in the band. Usually it was like: "Oh, crawl under your rock." I spent many years with the kind of feeling that is accurately descibed by phrase: 'Shut up, you're new in the band.' But now with each tour, the behavior changes. Mick has gone through so many different moods, images in his life, and now he's back to this really warm person. And so is Keith."