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Kim Kardashian was not allowed to attend the coronation anniversary

The famous model was ready to went without the VIP invitation.

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The day before in London, the 70th anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth II brought together many distinguished guests.

But, as it turns out, not all the celebrities had a place. Kim Kardashian was eager to attend the event along with her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

The star was so confident that she was invited that she booked a place among the VIP-guests, arriving to the British capital, not even bothering to check the reservation.

Upon arrival, it turned out that no one had invited the couple. Moreover, Kardashian was ready to give up her VIP status in the invitation, but she was also denied an ordinary "ticket".

The British media write that Kim is so unused to refusals that the whole situation looks at least surprising to her.

But perhaps Buckingham Palace expressed its attitude towards this celebrity in this way.