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Monica Lewinsky blamed society for the conflict between Johnny Depp and Amb

On June 1, it became known that Johnny Depp won his case. His ex-wife, who accused him of domestic violence, is now facing $15 million fine in compensation.

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Johnny Depp's fans are rejoicing, congratulating their favorite actor with a victory in court. Of course - a series of lawsuits had a negative impact on the career of the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" - the studios have stopped inviting him to participate in new projects. However, the truth was on his side.

But Bill Clinton's ex-girlfriend Monica Lewinsky does not share the jubilation. "We all watch, read, and discuss these stories from people's personal lives that have become public. We pick them apart, even though we fear that prolonged involvement in such spectacle might be toxic for us," she writes in an essay published in Vanity Fair.

Lewinsky herself is no stranger to the public outcry caused by celebrity court cases. In 1998, she was involved in such a case - her affair with Clinton received a lot of publicity. The case almost resulted in her impeachment.

Lewinsky pointed out that such court cases are not only broadcast live, giving the public a chance to watch what is happening as a TV series, but are also reflected in the form of memes, humorous discussions, etc. This, according to Monica, shapes the public's preconceived notion of the fates of those involved. People have been given the opportunity to discuss and criticize those whom they previously considered celestials.

"I was not surprised that the scathing and cruel comments were predominantly directed toward women," the essay writer reflects.

Monica believes that freedom of speech must have limits - it is okay to comment and discuss what is going on, but it is unacceptable to condemn the participants and indulge in schadenfreude.