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Islam Makhachev challenged Charles Oliveira again

It is not yet known where and when the long-awaited fight may take place.

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The most anticipated fight, which is not yet in the nature or in the contract, is the fight between Russian Islam Makhachev and Brazilian Charles Oliveira.

Oliveira is called the strongest fighter of the UFC lightweight division, and Makhachev - a friend and pupil of Khabib - the most promising and the most obvious challenger for the title.

But while managers are trying to agree on the place and time of the fight, the potential rivals themselves do not allow each other to relax, from time to time making mutual attacks and inviting to the octagon.

This time it was the Russian who joked "Charles Oliveira, where are you?" - Makhachev wrote on his social media as if to say that he is ready for the fight.

Both opponents had their last fights successfully. Islam defeated American Bobby Green by TKO, and Charles easily "choked" US representative Justin Gagee in the first round.

However, Oliveira lost his title because of a bad weigh-in, and now the belt remains vacant.