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Volkov reveals the secret of his future victory over Rosenstrike at the UFC

The Russian will fight his opponent from Suriname in the United States on the night of June 4.

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The day before Surinamese fighter Jairzinho Rosenstrike confidently stated that one or two rounds would be enough to defeat Alexander Volkov.

Our boxer is less direct in his words, he believes the octagon will decide them. Volkov, however, is also confident in his success and even revealed what he's going to defeat the Surinamese by.

"My opponent is quite dangerous, he has a lot of power in his fists, he's a good puncher. But I've had a lot of guys like that in my career, I believe I'm good in the rack as well. I've got more power in my legs, and definitely in wrestling and grappling.

I'll also be very patient, although I won't let him seize the initiative. Either way, I think I'll be able to catch him and knock him out. Most likely it will be over pretty quickly," the Russian fighter talked about his advantages and his tactics for the fight.