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Artemiy Panarin talks about the reason for giving up the Internet and smart

The Russian NHL star is using old-fashioned flip phone.

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NHL forward Artemiy Panarin, whose annual fee is in the millions of dollars, uses an old-fashioned cell phone, studiously avoiding smartphones and the Internet. And he has a good reason for that.

According to the athlete, he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which manifests itself in intrusive frightening anxious or even panic thoughts that are not always under control.

With such an ailment, medics advise patients to stay away from social networks and the World Wide Web in general, much of the information from which is just what can aggravate this disease.

"I use an ordinary push-button phone. "Grandma's phone", "flip phone" classic. However after giving up the use of devices, i see the world clearer without the opinions imposed by all sorts of bloggers. As a result of overusing smartphone, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) happened, you know about it? I'm done with all this mess that's brewing on YouTube. Giving up the internet is actually a great relief. I felt literally high, as if I was freed from some chains," the athlete admitted.

True, teammates are sometimes offended that you can't talk to "that Russian" on the social network. But health is more important than other people's insults.