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Antonina Shevchenko told how to go to the octagon in femine way

The older sister of UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko is not as successful in the octagon.

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Nevertheless, Antonina is said to be more cheerful and easygoing. She is the one who posts photos of herself to the social network right after her fights with bruises on her face.

It is Antonina who easily finds common ground with her haters after her defeats, which she already had four against three victories in the promotion.

And it is Antonina, despite her daily training, who manages many things, including piloting.

Undoubtedly, the losses depress her a lot and she, as well as other athletes, wants to achieve more.

But, according to Shevchenko, you have to turn on the fighter only in the octagon, when your next opponent is in front of you.

At all other moments it is important to to stay in touch with your feminine side. And that is, perhaps, even more difficult than winning.