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"Minnesota? Why not!" Evgeni Malkin's wife hinted at a move to Minnesota

The Russian forward claim that he can't agree on a new contract with Pittsburgh.

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Evgeny Malkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins may part ways in the coming weeks: Negotiations on a new contract are not adding up, and the relationship between the hockey player and the club has become strained in the process.

The current contract expires this summer, and Malkin has expressed a desire to remain on the team for which he played for sixteen years. "Pittsburgh didn't mind either, but the stumbling block was the term of the contract and the salary. Malkin's class is unquestionable, but the age of the 35-year-old hockey player also makes itself felt. That's why the Penguins want to sign the club legend to a contract on less financially onerous terms.

But Malkin is disappointed not so much by the money as by the term of the agreement: the forward expects a four-year agreement, while the club offers only two. According to the media, this offer angered Malkin - perhaps that's why he unsubscribed from the Pittsburgh account in one of the social networks. Then he signed again.

Malkin's wife Anna Kasterova added more oil to the fire. She posted a snippet of dialogue with the wife of Marc-Andre Fleury, who signed a new contract with the Minnesota Wild. "Will you join us?" - Fleury's wife responded. "Why not," Kasterova replied, completing the post with "An interesting offer has come in." It's probably just a joke, but wives always know more than the press, and let's not forget that Malkin and Fleury have combined to win three Stanley Cups. Will they now reunite in Minnesota?