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Makhachev was called the main rival to Volkanovski on his way to the title

The Australian fighter has repeatedly expressed his desire to take the title in another division.

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UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski of Australia has repeatedly stated that he may move up to lightweight to become the title holder in this division as well.

Against this background, experts believe that one of those who will try to obstruct Volkanovski's dreams will be the Russian fighter Islam Makhachev.

At the same time there were thoughts that the Australian is a real threat to any star in the lightweight division.

The Russian's trainer Javier Mendez, who has not ruled out a meeting between his ward and Volkanovski, believes it is Makhachev who is a threat to him on his way to the lightweight title.

"Islam is a big master of take-downs, so much so that Alex won't be able to stop them no matter what he does. Makhachev's striking is very good, and he's capable of standing up to Volkanovski in the standup as well. So who is the bigger threat to who on the way to the title is still a big question," said the Russian fighter's mentor.