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ISU published the World Grand Prix schedule

The Grand Prix of Figure Skating will not be held in Russia.

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The International Skating Union (ISU) has published the schedule for the World Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

Stage 1 - U.S. Grand Prix, Oct. 21-23, Norwood;
Stage 2 - Canadian Grand Prix, Oct. 28-30, Mississauga;
Stage 3 - French Grand Prix, November 4-6, Angers;
Stage 4 - November 11-13 (venue to be announced later);
Stage 5 - Grand Prix of Japan, November 18-20, Sapporo;
Stage 6 - Grand Prix of Finland, November 25-27, Espoo;
The finals will take place on December 8-11 in Turin, Italy.

In Russia there will be no stage of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating.