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ESPY Award fighter of the year is chosen

Not all experts and athletes agreed with the choise of EPSY

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Analysts of the American television channel ESPYs have chosen the top 5 best fighters of the UFC season. At the top of the ranking, yet unexpectedly for many it may appear, was Brazilian Charles Oliveira.

Yes, last year he took the lightweight title, defeating Michael Chandler. Later there were victories over Dustin Porier and Justin Gagey, well known for losing his title before it because of a botched weigh-in.

However what outraged many experts was the fact that Oliveira was higher in the ranks than such recognized stars of the promotion as Alexander Volkanovski and Kamaru Usman, currently considered the best no matter what division.

Also in the top 5 was Julianna Pena and Kayla Harrison representing the women. Nevertheless, the ESPYs named Oliveira the best of the best. And, for example, the New Zealander Israel Adesanya was not even among the contestants.