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The return of the legend: Tyson Fury changed his mind about ending his care

The retired champion is tired of hearing about the many rumors circulating around his name.

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After British boxer Tyson Fury defeated compatriot Dillian Whyte in the spring and announced the end of his career, many times they tried to lure him back into the ring.

But the super heavyweight champion remained adamant. But it was happening until the amateurs speculating on his name began to spread rumors that Tyson avoided meeting with Ukrainian Alexander Usik for fear of losing. And then Fury couldn't take it anymore.

"You'll see what I do. When that baby Usik beats the bodybuilder Joshua again, they'll call for me to come back. They'll moan for Achilles to come back. I don't want to fight, I'm retired. But when they start begging me, I'll come back and show everybody how easily I take out the little guys who call themselves champions. But it's going to cost somebody a lot to have me back," said the undefeated Briton.