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The head of the UFC has named the alleged terms of Conor McGregor's return

At this point, Dana White is confident that the Irish fighter is not yet ready to continue his career.

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UFC president Dane White responded to a question about the timing of Irish fighter Conor McGregor's possible return to the Octagon.

According to the sports functionary, the Irishman is not currently ready to fight, and therefore they are not even looking for opponents for him.

"As soon as the medics give him the green light to train fully after his broken leg, we'll see if he's ready to fight," White said.

He believes that if Conor's health improves in the middle of the summer, he may be ready to return to action in early fall of this year.

By the way, McGregor hasn't been to the octagon since July 2021, where he broke his leg in the fight with Dustin Porrier at UFC 264.