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"Real Madrid didn't rush, Eintracht didn't risk it. The UEFA Super Cup went

Carlo Ancelotti's team won the fight for the trophy in class.

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"Real Madrid and Eintracht had only met once before the UEFA Super Cup in Helsinki, but this match was legendary. On 18 May 1960, teams from Madrid and Frankfurt-am-Main met in the final of the first-ever European Cup. Spectators saw ten goals scored, and the Royal Club celebrated a confident victory - 7:3.

Prior to this meeting, Eintracht also suffered a major defeat, losing in the first round of the German championship to Bayern - 1:6. And frankly speaking, when the Frankfurt side had conceded five goals by halftime, they thought they had no chance against Real Madrid.

Indeed, Madrid showed at once who the winner of the Champions League was. Carlo Ancelotti's team, presented with the same squad as last season, led the game. Nevertheless, Eintracht threatened twice and Thibaut Courtois had to enter the game. But it was not long before Real Madrid CF opened the scoring: Vinicius Júnior fired the ball into the empty net on 17 minutes but Touta bore down on the edge of the net.

Despite the advantage, the "Slivos" did not try to force the game. "Eintracht, meanwhile, did not rush forward, and by the middle of the half the fans at the main arena of the Olympics-1952 clearly became bored.

In the 37th minute, Vinicius first played a pass to Karim Benzema, and only goalkeeper Kevin Trapp parried the shot with his fingertips. Real opened the scoring after a corner-kick by Benzema to Casemiro who gave the ball to David Alaba to make it 1-0.

After the break, the game went in the same vein: Real held the ball, and the Germans tried to take it away with the help of pressure. It did not work. By the end of the hour, Madrid had achieved 91 per cent accuracy, but they lacked spurts and Vinicius wasted chances. On 67 minutes, he shot to Benzema in the center of the penalty area who shot wide but the ball slid under the goalkeeper's arm for a 2-0 win.

Eintracht would have been ready to go on the rampage and blow up the game, but the Frankfurt side was unwilling to take any risks, and Real did not relax or give the ball away. And so the match came down to a win for the Spaniards and their next trophy. This is the fifth victory of the Royal Club in the UEFA Super Cup, and it is a record, though not yet a single one: the same number of times it was lifted over the head by the players of AC Milan and Barcelona. But Madrid are still good and if Real Madrid win the Super Cup again in a year, hardly anyone will be surprised.

Game protocol

"Real Madrid (Spain) v. Eintracht (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) - 2-0 (1-0).
August 11. Helsinki. Helsinki. Olympic Stadium.
Judges: Oliver, Bert, Bennett (all England).
"Real Madrid: Courtois, Carvajal (Rüdiger 85), Militao, Alaba, Mendy, Casemiro, Valverde (Camavanga 76), Kroos (Chouameni 85), Modric (Rodrigo 67), Vinicius Júnior (Sebalhos 85), Benzema.
"Eintracht: Trapp, Ndika, Lentz, Tuta, Toure (Alario, 70), Rohde (Goetze, 58), Kamada, Sow, Lindström (Moani, 58), Borre, Knauff.
Goals: 1-0 Alaba (37), 2-0 Benzema (65).
Warned - Alario (90).